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About Justin & Carmen Kennedy

In 1992, destiny brought together two bright minds at Rutgers University in New Jersey - Justin and Carmen Kennedy. Justin, who was passionate about the entertainment industry, pursued his dream of becoming a lawyer, eventually graduating from Rutgers Law School - Newark in 1996. Meanwhile, Carmen, who was fascinated by technology, became a Technology Manager for Urban Box Office, a pioneering tech start-up.


Her career took her to Funny Garbage, a prominent development company that creates apps, games, and responsive websites for the biggest pop culture brands. In 2000, Justin had established himself as a well-known entertainment lawyer in New York City. A year later, Carmen joined Funny Garbage as its Technology Manager. It was then that the two realized the power of their combined expertise.


In 2002, they set out on a new journey together, launching their own business to produce media products for top companies. With Carmen's experience managing media developers and Justin's experience in the entertainment industry, the Kennedys have been delivering top-notch media services ever since.

Kennedy Showcase on Black Enterprise 

The Kennedys dedicated themselves to creating captivating online video games for prestigious companies such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, Canon, and FedEx among others. Their forward-thinking approach to interactive training and revolutionary online Advergame experience earned them immense recognition and praise from the press.

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About Justin Kennedy

In his college years, Justin created his first documentary which sparked a passion for filmmaking. Despite this, he had to make a choice between pursuing law school or film school after graduating. Justin's father encouraged him to attend law school, leading to a successful career in law. However, Justin's creative ambitions eventually drew him towards technology and media development.


Today, with over two decades of experience, Justin is passionate about using his expertise to help businesses grow. He also channels his creativity into photography, videography, and producing live streaming content. Justin takes pride in capturing compelling stories and working collaboratively with other creatives. He feels grateful to be able to pursue his passion while making a positive impact on people's lives.

About Carmen Kennedy

Carmen is a visionary producer who found her passion early in the game. She excels at working with tech creatives to produce top-notch projects since the early 2000s. Carmen is the rock that keeps the team together, using her effervescent personality to ensure that deadlines are met without a hitch. As we all know, production can be a daunting and stressful task, but Carmen's years of experience producing all sorts of media projects make the process both enjoyable and effortless.

Carmen is also the mastermind behind Social Media Campaigns, taking the lead in distributing content on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. She also assists clients in developing advertising budgets and strategizes ad placements.

Beyond her work, Carmen cherishes her family, savors healthy eating, enjoys working out, dancing, and practicing yoga. Her healthy lifestyle promotes balance, making her an excellent mother, wife, collaborator, and producer. It's her nurturing spirit and extensive experience supporting creative teams that set her apart in the industry.

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