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Business Consulting 

Justin Kennedy was graduated from Rutgers Law School in Newark, New Jersey in 1996.  Upon graduation, Justin gained experience representing real-estate developers in New Jersey. Having a love for the entertainment industry, Justin quickly found his way to working at a prominent entertainment law firm in New York City. After several years working with top artists, record labels and film companies, Justin decided to form his own business consulting and media company.  For the last 20 years, he has been producing media products for top brands and equipping  new businesses  with the tools they need to be successful.


The Kennedy Firm offers business consulting services to clients who want to invest in creating a strategic plan for their business.   The Kennedys (1) meet with clients to discuss their business objectives,  (2) research their industry, (3) identify competitors, (4) evaluate their current branding, and (5) develop a business plan with return on investment in mind.  


The Kennedys enjoy helping new businesses grow. They know how exciting it can be to start a new business. They also know how important it is to have a solid business plan to make sure that your passions become profits. 


Media Solutions

Companies are aggressively using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other popular platforms to sell their products and services. To address this demand for content, the Kennedys have chosen to focus on developing branded content for corporations, organizations, and influencers.   The Kennedys specialize in (1) video production, (2) photography, (3) website design, (4) graphic ad design, and (5) manage the social media distribution process.  


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Media production cannot be successful without someone to manage the process.  There are a lot of people to communicate with and manage. There are also many variables that must be sorted out in order for each project to be successful.  

Carmen Kennedy helps clients establish production timelines and deliverables. She collaborates with the development team and the client to ensure that all of the clients needs are met and that the project is delivered on time.  

The Kennedys strive for excellence.  They  pride themselves on being punctual and getting the job done efficiently.  


If you are looking to produce consistent content, feel free to contact us.

Production Management 

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