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Canon's Consumer Imaging Group sought the expertise of the Kennedys to create an interactive sales training tool that would effectively engage independent sales reps from top retailers. With the Kennedy's extensive background in gaming, he developed over 120 training games that effectively taught the fine points of Canon equipment to sellers all around the world. These innovative games made sales training fun and engaging for Canon's sales reps, revolutionizing their approach to sales training.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network, no novice itself when it comes to web development, kept their competitive edge by investing early in the creation of signature games for their most popular shows. When they hired the Kennedys, they stepped up their game and made their biggest investment ever for a gaming product. The investment paid off. The Batman game remained their most popular game for 2 years running and created countless opportunities to generate advertising revenues.


Carmen Kennedy, a producer at Funny Garbage, collaborated with teams at Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and Adult Swim in games and animation, website design, system architecture, and content management systems. She honed her skills by delivering monthly digital media for, producing award-winning games that attracted and increased their 1.9M monthly visitors.

Fed Ex

At Christmas 2004, the biggest shipping season of the year, FedEx wanted to dominate the burgeoning online market. They came to the Kennedys to develop a game that would do the trick. The game created for them was a huge success! It was selected as Macromedia's site of the month and was showcased on the homepage giving this powerhouse brand global exposure during this critical time period.

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula offer a secure and welcoming environment for over 5,000 children in the surrounding communities. Their mission is to facilitate growth and learning in boys and girls, and to provide them with life-improving programs and character-building experiences. To support this noble cause, the Kennedys created video commercials aimed at raising funds.

CNU Logo

Justin currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at Christopher Newport University, where he teaches Business Law for the Arts. In this role, he is dedicated to equipping the next generation of artists and entrepreneurs with the skills to navigate the evolving landscape of business and new technologies, particularly as Artificial Intelligence transforms our world.

Mary J. Blidge

As an associate attorney working under Ernest R. Booker and Paul Marshall, Justin handled most of Mary’s legal work for several years. Whether it was meeting her at court to settle traffic violations or negotiating and drafting her sponsorship agreements, Justin was the lawyer making that happen.


AFGE, the American Federation of Government Employees, has a strong presence in virtually every federal agency and government function, as its members are dedicated to serving America. With a membership of 700,000 federal and D.C. government workers in the United States and worldwide, AFGE is a steadfast advocate for the rights of its members. In support of AFGE's mission to promote dignity, safety, and fairness in the workplace, the Kennedys produced commercial videos to aid in their fight.

Stevie Wonder

As a young entertainment attorney, Justin was fortunate to have Aisha Morris and her father, the legendary Stevie Wonder, as mentors. Justin worked tirelessly to put together a record label for Stevie, which led to an unforgettable jam session at Stevie's home in Alpine, New Jersey. Some of the acts that Justin brought to the session, such as Jazmine Sullivan and Kendred, went on to achieve great success in the music industry.

Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. not only develops online games for their website, but they also produce media for their advertising partners. The Kennedys were hired by Nick Jr. to create online games for their sponsors, and they enjoyed collaborating with the Nick Jr. productions team.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim commissioned the Kennedys to create an online game to promote their new Samurai Champloo license. The resulting game, "Break Fight," was a huge success, earning millions of dollars in ad revenue. This project also marked the Justin's' first time producing all of the music for a corporate venture, which motivated them to create more music in the future.

Eve - The Love is Blind Foundation

During a period when Eve, a renowned celebrity hip hop artist, was passionate about community service, Justin had the opportunity to collaborate with her. After the release of her hit single "Love is Blind" in 1999, which focused on domestic abuse, Eve enlisted Kennedy to establish The Love Is Blind Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting and raising awareness for abused women. Justin found the experience of working with Eve and her team to be fulfilling.

Clear Chanel

When New York City's leading radio station Clear Channel's Z100, wanted to grow their listening audience they asked the Kennedys to develop the right solution. With Z100's target audience in mind, the Kennedys developed a fast-paced, hugely dynamic game featuring their #1 DJ. Romeo. They rewarded game high scorers with concert tickets as part of a larger promotional effort. The game's legacy relationship with their audience continues to this day.

New Beech Grove Baptist Church

The Mission of New Beech Grove Baptist Church is to provide biblical nurturing through creative education, care and opportunities to serve. Their mission is Building Kingdom Minded People to Serve the Community. The Kennedys are proud to serve Dr. Willard Maxwell, Jr. and lead the media team for the ministry.

Random House Publishing

The Kennedys were approached by a book publisher to promote STICK to a younger audience. They created an animation-supported Hangman game with original jazz music to engage the target demographic. Random House used the mini-site to boost sales and promote the STICK brand both online and offline.

Queen Latifah

For 2 years, Justin served as an attorney for the Lancelot H. Owens Scholarship Foundation, which was established in 1992 by Latifah’s mother, Rita L. Owens, to award college scholarships to economically disadvantaged students in memory of her late son who passed away in a motorcycle accident.

Amel Larrieux

Amel and her husband Laru possess exceptional business acumen. They make a distinctive duo who fully comprehend their legal entitlements and worth. Following Amel's departure from Epic Records, her popularity remained steadfast. The Kennedys have assisted the couple over the years by providing guidance on their business concepts, negotiating agreements, and drafting contracts. Their association with Amel eventually led to a memorable encounter with Prince and George Clinton at Paisley Park.


During the early 2000s, Prince was inviting global artists to perform at Paisley Park Studios. Justin represented Amel Larrieux, and Prince was interested in having her perform in Minneapolis. Justin took care of all the logistics, agreements, and supervision. Prince was a gracious host, and Kennedy had the privilege of getting to know him personally. Although Justin had many fantastic moments, building a relationship with Prince is an experience he will always treasure.

The Roots

During 2004, the Kennedys collaborated with The Roots to create an online video game that aimed to encourage people to vote in the presidential election. He first met the Roots while representing Off Line Entertainment Group during the production of "Brooklyn Babylon," which featured Tariq Trotter from the Roots.

Feinstein, Raiss, Kelin & Booker

During his tenure at the firm, Justin served as an attorney for multiple years, handling various responsibilities such as representing clients in Housing Authority meetings, litigation for landlord-tenant disputes, filing tax appeals, and managing tax-related issues. Additionally, Justin provided legal representation for landlords in their property purchase and sale transactions. The firm offered a valuable learning experience for Justin's legal practice.

Foxy Brown

In the early 2000s, Foxy was referred to Justin by celebrity publicist Marvet Britto for business consulting on several legal matters she was dealing with. Foxy had a busy and eventful life, and during her chaotic times, she needed someone to help her stay focused and clear-minded. Justin was glad to offer his assistance during this challenging period.


Justin was honored to assist DMX in establishing the Mary Ella Foundation, which was named after his late grandmother. The foundation's mission was to provide scholarships for tuition and school supplies to those in need. DMX and Eve were among the first wave of rappers who sought to organize and give back to their communities, and Justin was pleased to help them achieve their philanthropic goals.

Urban Box Office

In 1999, Carmen led the technology team at Urban Box Office Network (UBO), a prominent New York media company that specialized in hip-hop and Latino entertainment. UBO was founded by George Jackson, a well-known Hollywood producer and record executive, and secured a total of 40.6 million dollars in venture capital funding. The company was a hub for creative and tech-savvy individuals who were passionate about fusing art and technology, making it a highly sought-after and inspiring workplace.

Steps the Movie

Justin played a lead role in the film Steps, which explores themes of recovery, redemption, love, and forgiveness. He also provided promotional images, videos, and social media marketing to support the project. Follow the link below to discover more about the movie.

Marvet Britto

Justin had the privilege of collaborating with Marvet Britto, a renowned celebrity publicist, since the late 1990s. Britto's unmatched skills have established her as an exceptional force across several sectors, elevating her nascent business into an international publicity, marketing, brand strategy, and event-design behemoth. Known for creating distinctive blueprints that position clients for dominance and carve out uncontested market space, Britto's impressive list of clients speaks for itself

Pepa from Salt N Pepa

Justin had the privilege of representing Pepa from the legendary hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa during her difficult divorce from Treach, a member of the renowned rap group Naughty by Nature. Despite the challenging circumstances, Pepa demonstrated remarkable grace and resilience, exemplifying her outstanding character as a person and artist.

Gerald Lavert

While working as a young attorney under Ernest R. Booker, Justin had the opportunity to represent Gerald Levert in a child custody case. Booker, who promoted concerts for various artists including the R&B group The O'Jays, provided Justin with many opportunities to work with the Levert family in the late 90s. Notably, Gerald Lavert's father was a member of The O'Jays, a successful group in the R&B genre.

Jazmine Sullivan

When Jazmine Sullivan was just 12 years old, Justin heard her incredible singing voice. He was then working with Stevie Wonder, who was considering starting his own record label. To assist in this decision-making process, Justin organized a listening party at Stevie Wonder's home in Alpine, New Jersey. This event helped launch the careers of many artists, including Jazmine Sullivan.

NHK Japan

As the preeminent television broadcaster in Japan, NHK required American talent for their artist showcase, and it was Justin who served as the attorney responsible for securing those artists for a period of two years. Through this role, Kennedy had the opportunity to interact with numerous significant recording artists and also traveled and engaged in business with a Japanese company. This valuable experience provided him with insights into the inner workings of the international music industry.

Where's The Love

Justin had a great time working on the web series "Where's the Love" with Tia Hodge-Jones. The series is a single-camera comedy with a dramatic twist, featuring D.D. Baldwin, an African-American actress, and her musician husband Justin as they visit a marriage therapist, Dr. Dave, to work on their struggling sex life. However, the sessions take an unexpected turn when Justin starts showing up late and D.D.'s famous mother, Magdalena, invites herself to the sessions.

Cindy Blackman

Brokered by Justin, Cindy Blackman's exhilarating performance on Japan's major TV station, NHK, was a pivotal moment in his career. A devoted Lenny Kravitz fan, Justin closely followed Blackman's drumming career with the rock icon, and this deal was the first of many successful international collaborations.

Legal Services of New Jersey

For a few years, Justin served at Legal Services, providing legal aid to those who couldn't afford a lawyer. His work revolved around representing the elderly, impoverished community in Newark, New Jersey, where he drafted Wills, Power of Attorney documents, and Bankruptcy Petitions. Justin also represented clients in court regarding their contractual disputes, debt settlements, and traffic violations. The experience was highly fulfilling for him.

Paul Marshall

For many years, Justin worked as an associate attorney under the tutelage of the legendary music attorney, Paul Marshall. Marshall brokered some of the most significant deals in the music industry, representing huge acts such as the Beatles, KISS, Whitney Houston, Neil Diamond, and Heavy D. He also structured massive deals, including Michael Jackson's purchase of the Beatles' publishing rights. Marshall was a great mentor to Justin during his time at the firm.

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